sábado, febrero 09, 2013

Industria Post Comunista de Meraz Maraoody

Impresionantes fotografías. Ver su blog aqui

Impresionantes fotografías.

"This project stems from whatever memories still exist of a long tradition of communist labor. My fascination with abandoned eastern European factories is manifested in a constant search for capturing the essence of those places with her camera. Using a unique technique of combining multiple exposures into one complete image, I try to create images that reflect the true colors and “feel” of the factories. The HDR technique I’m using has an essential conceptual role in my work, rather than being a sole technical need, it reflects on the paranoid need to preserve a-soon-to-be-gone that at some point in history engaged the lives of an entire community. In that sense those huge deserted place with old machines, are reminiscences of the long gone ideology of manhood and pride of labor."

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